10.2 Undertake training needs assessment

Who needs training in what?

Various staff groups have been identified as involved in the process for transfusing blood in hospitals. Undertaking a Training Needs Assessment (TNA) will help to determine:

  • The knowledge and skills requirements for each specific task in the clinical transfusion process
  • Which staff groups require training
  • How many in each specific staff group require training
  • What training is currently available and who is responsible for training of each of the staff groups
  • A baseline as a basis for later progress reporting

A template for training needs assessment is provided on the website.


It is also essential to review the training needs of the trainers to support and develop their ability, confidence and motivation to deliver effective teaching. Trainers need to maintain their knowledge by continuous professional development. They should have access to courses and opportunities for self-learning. In addition, they should have access to training courses to develop and maintain other specific skills in communication, IT, etc.