10.4 Obtain teaching and training material

If you choose to develop your own materials, this will require careful planning and dedicated time. All learning materials should be critically reviewed by subject experts. Due to the large numbers of staff involved in blood transfusion practice, e-Learning education programmes in transfusion have been developed and may be useful in the training programme. However, e-Learning should not be seen as an easy answer, since it requires a comprehensive support strategy.

This must cover the following:

  • Access to computers for staff
  • Connectivity and bandwidth
  • Security of personal information
  • IT skills of the learner (consider providing the first e-Learning experience in a facilitated environment)
  • Provision of a help line for users and technical support for learners
  • Providing step-by-step user guides
  • Dedicated time for training.
  • Setting up e-learning champions

To access the majority of these e-Learning education programmes, the learner will need an email address and Adobe Flash Player version 8 (or higher). Some English languagelearning sites are given below. See also the list of links at the end of the manual.

Better Blood Transfusion - Continuing Education Programme

Bloody Easy Online Course

Blood Safe Online Transfusion Course

Learn Cell Salvage

Nursing CE: Blood and Blood Product Administration